Welcome to my online gallery featuring original artwork. I developed this technique which uses ink, nails and string on wood with the added dimension of light and shadows and detailing with Arabic calligraphy. Take a look around. I hope you enjoy my art pieces and join in the exhibitions. Make sure to click each image in the gallery to read the story behind the artwork.

About the artist

Ahmad Alazami, Syrian artist born and raised in Damascus – Syria. Currently living in Reading – England.

“After going through many difficulties, I wanted to implement the new experiences I was having, but at the same time not to forget my culture. So I mixed aspects of Arabic culture, with new influences by using calligraphy and fine lines with contemporary aspects.” – Ahmad Alazami

Alongside exhibiting in art galleries in the United Kingdom and in Europe, Ahmad’s work is compiled into a book titled ‘Multi-Dimensional Art Technique’. Contact the artist for more information on obtaining copies of the book or purchasing an original piece.