Multi-Dimensional Art

Welcome to the gallery of multi-dimensional artworks. I developed this technique which uses ink, nails and string on wood with the added dimension of light and shadows and detailing with Arabic calligraphy. Take a look around. Make sure to click each image for more details about the piece and to read the story behind the artwork

This man has an innocent, child-like look to him, the face of a calm and optimistic man with only one thought going through his mind re-building his country.

When the light is added, it reveals the true face lying behind, the dictator who is destroying his country with his decisions and thoughts. With his madness for pursuing power, and without any thought to his own people. He went about with his rigorous killing and destruction with no consideration to the women and children losing their innocent fragile lives. No one was safe from his evil mind. Infants, the vulnerable and the sick or disabled, all were under his cruel annihilation.

The nails used represent the bombing barrels he uses to turn the country into ashes. They represent all the weaponry used to hammer down everyone standing in his way, from shelling, bombs to chemical weapons. He uses these weapons to kill and displace the population.

The string represents the slow suffocation used to besiege the people who came against him asking for freedom and equality. He used these strings to starve the people who survived the nailed weapons. In this way he is trying to eliminate any souls left seeking life.

As for the colours used, they represent the flags of the two key parties in the struggle. The flag of the Syrian regime can be seen in the reds, whites and blacks. Whereas the flag of the opposition is in black, white and green. The colours battle together and eventually, the people’s blood is the one that spills.
This piece is a demonstration of the people of Syria, fighting against each other, despite the fact that they are both the same. In terms of appearance they are identical sharing the same flesh and blood, they speak the same language and they share the same culture and traditions. It’s as if one man is looking through the mirror and not quite sure if he is looking at himself or his own individuality.

When the light is added it shows the intensity of the confrontation and the fight that is rising up. The nails that were hammered down by the oppressing regime, and the strings that fabricated the fuel between the two brothers.

The words used to create these two men, are words and phrases that were not in the Syrian dictionary, but now they seem to be the only phrases used by the people. 
The two faces were created of words from both sides of the conflict, the first face constituted from words of rebellion such as “We prefer death to humiliation”, 
“The people want to take down the regime”, “Freedom is forever”.
The second face was created from the words of supporters of the regime, “We give you our blood and soul”. But in the end all that is left is the blood spilling from the fragile bodies of innocent people and their naive killers without distinguishing who is one what side
This artwork depicts the inner turmoil and reflections of a man who has migrated away from his country in search for safety and stability. He struggles to leave images and thoughts of his country behind him; weather they were the warm comfort of his home, being in the arms of his loved ones or watching his children play around him and grow up right in front of his eyes. These thoughts morph into the horrific memories that torture his thoughts every night; from the destruction of his house, to seeing his wife and children killed right in front of his eyes with no way of being able to save them. He tries to go on in his daily life he could be studying, working or just coping with the new world he arrived to. But he can’t move on, as the memories haunt his thoughts. He can’t think of anything else and his thoughts are preventing him from functioning.

The shadow provides this man with the wings he has always dreamed of, these wings will allow him to fly back to his home and family, without facing any dangers. Maybe these wings will take him back to the time where he lived in peace, working and raising a family, just like anyone else in the world. Except he had a horrible fate bestowed upon him, and now he has to live in a strange country that he doesn’t know, or feel welcomed in.
Expresses the situation of the people during the war and the woes of war experienced through destruction, sieges, kidnappings and killings. The people began mass immigration having made their goodbyes with the ones they love. 

Holding the earth of their land, and the country they were born and raised in, the traveller wishes he could carry everything he loves from his country and take it to safety. In reality he cannot, and parts of his home begin to fall from hands with every step he takes ... during a treacherous journey, his hopes, dreams and memories will also slip away, and he will have nothing but his body remaining, asking him: Where Now?

With every border shut around him, the siege closes in and the smell of death rises. The hallway full of bodies and the reaper roams the neighbourhoods. When death is the only thing you can see clearly the question becomes; Where Now?
This artwork describes the feeling of mental dispersion which can occur when a person leaves their country. In this artwork, half of the face is extremely clear, illustrated with Arabic calligraphy. 
This is an expression of how fluent and capable a person can be in their native language, in language, habits and traditions. However, expatriation takes this away from a person initially. His traits and qualities slowly change and begin to slowly get lost which can be seen in the lighting

My country is dear to me even if it was unjust to me ***my family is gracious even if they make me tired
Oh, my poetry, I wish I can stay one night***in a valley, and around me sitting plants and people I know
Would I someday hear the sound of the water of Mujnah*** would Shama and Toufail be shown to me?
Countries we have lived through each of its stages***and one can bear what is not fine
Oh, rider who came with sand from my land***send some salute to the rest of myself
You can see that my body lies in one land***and my heart with its owner in another
Distance has come between us and separated us***and it stopped my eyelids from shutting
I was forced to follow my lust as it took over me***alas the lust is an obeyed king
Separation terrified me and I couldn’t handle it***and who would not be terrified of separation
In celebration of the way of life in Damascus before the war, the simplicity and the goodness of the people and the old rootedness of its old neighbourhoods and winding alleyways. It is a celebration of the beauty in Syria’s details before the war.
The latest development of this unique art technique. In this method, everything is coloured in white, revealing nothing of the artwork. The light and shadow are the key components of the artwork. When the light is on, the faces of a man and a woman are seen leaning in to kiss each other. This is a reflection of the love and harmony in our lives, one of the most important things we have, but often cannot see. It provides us with warmth, comfort, stability and peace but remains hidden from eyes most of the time.