Where now?

80 x 50 cm – £ 2,800

Expresses the situation of the people during the war and the woes of war experienced through destruction, sieges, kidnappings and killings. The people began mass immigration having made their goodbyes with the ones they love.

Holding the earth of their land, and the country they were born and raised in, the traveller wishes he could carry everything he loves from his country and take it to safety. In reality, he cannot, and parts of his home begin to fall from hands with every step he takes … during a treacherous journey, his hopes, dreams and memories will also slip away, and he will have nothing but his body remaining, asking him: Where Now?

With every border shut around him, the siege closes in and the smell of death rises. The hallway full of bodies and the reaper roams the neighbourhoods. When death is the only thing you can see clearly the question becomes; Where Now?

All art pieces are made from reclaimed wood signifying rebirth and the possibility for hope in the future. The wood used in this piece is British pine wood reclaimed from a kitchen in the UK.

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