Glimpse of Hope

82 x 39 cm – £ 1,200

The war has begun, and the echo of shell bombing and bullets is heard in every corner of the country.
The country is divided at random into unsafe neighbourhoods and safe areas. The distance between an area torn to the ground, bombed, destroyed and cleared of all life within and another area thriving with life might only be a few miles. The thriving city is allowed to listen and heed the warning, but not to see and become enraged.
The smell of death does not reek in every alleyway and neighbourhood, it is blocked by walls, the thin veil between safety and destruction. From these walls, the shrapnel created three holes from which the light also shines. From these holes anyone can see the beauty of this country and the peace and harmony which seems to exist on the other side. The shadow reveals what might happen if, one day, the walls fall apart and bring more light into everyone’s lives. The strings reveal that the impact of the bombing will never disappear as the walls which are not destroyed will always carry the mark and the cracks caused by the shrapnel.

I heard the sound of Adan and it was sweetened *** with the Futur sweets as it came to be
My heart tricked me when it heard *** and my tears slipped through when it began
If I was the sun I would’ve known my way *** so how can I be dead when I’m merely a shadow
I have mistaken oh Umayyad *** so would you please forgive my sins if you may
I can see your door wide open behind the masses *** breaking a lock and mending another
And the far Adan sound was calling *** as if a lover calling out for a lost one
And Damascus was pacing in front of me *** above me and around me immense and joyful
So I gave my greetings to the Umayyad mosque *** embracing the lost and clearing the humiliated

All art pieces are made from reclaimed wood signifying rebirth and the possibility for hope in the future. The wood used in this piece is from a discarded wardrobe in the UK.

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