40 x 50 cm – £ 1,800

This artwork describes the feeling of mental dispersion which can occur when a person leaves their country. In this artwork, half of the face is extremely clear, illustrated with Arabic calligraphy.
This is an expression of how fluent and capable a person can be in their native language, in language, habits and traditions. However, expatriation takes this away from a person initially. His traits and qualities slowly change and begin to slowly get lost which can be seen in the lighting

My country is dear to me even if it was unjust to me ***my family is gracious even if they make me tired
Oh, my poetry, I wish I can stay one night***in a valley, and around me sitting plants and people I know
Would I someday hear the sound of the water of Mujnah*** would Shama and Toufail be shown to me?
Countries we have lived through each of its stages***and one can bear what is not fine
Oh, rider who came with sand from my land***send some salute to the rest of myself
You can see that my body lies in one land***and my heart with its owner in another
Distance has come between us and separated us***and it stopped my eyelids from shutting
I was forced to follow my lust as it took over me***alas the lust is an obeyed king
Separation terrified me and I couldn’t handle it***and who would not be terrified of separation

All art pieces are made from reclaimed wood signifying rebirth and the possibility for hope in the future. The wood used in this piece was retrieved from the surviving parts of a factory in rural Damascus.

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