My First Dance

40 – 40 cm – £ 1,200
The first love dance, it makes you hear words and phrases that are like no other, she takes you to another world high above the clouds. I wanted to represent the feeling you get when you experience your first dance with the one you love, the elegant lines and strings used to embody the tangling feeling you have. It’s a feeling of reaching the stars and finding the most extravagant treasure.

The added shadows expose the movement of this dance, the elegance and motion,
it will make you forget you’re on the dance floor and feel the haziness of the atmosphere. It makes you feel that you are in a castle of your own just dancing together. However, in the end, you only go back to your table, where all of that was just a dream.

All art pieces are made from reclaimed wood signifying rebirth and the possibility for hope in the future. The wood used in this piece was retrieved from the surviving parts of a wardrobe from a shelled home in rural Damascus.

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