Faces of my Memories

56 x 33 cm – £ 1,200

We all have gone through life with many faces passing us; some are good and others are evil. We remember some and forget others, but there are faces that stick in our memories. This piece shows the integration of these faces in one community, where people from different ethnicities and backgrounds are all united into one rock. No matter how different and diverse these faces are, each and every one of them is a crucial piece that creates unity in the stone head. With all their thoughts, dreams and traditions, all their different colours and ethnicities, they make up one solid figure.

Adding light to the piece shows how these faces are all unified into one human face, making them all equal and one. Even if they all have different ideas and views, even if they don’t all agree on where to go and how to go there, they can’t escape the fact that no matter how hard they try, if just one of them goes, the whole structure will fall.

All art pieces are made from reclaimed wood signifying rebirth and the possibility for hope in the future. The wood used in this piece was retrieved from the remaining parts of a discarded wardrobe in the UK.

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