My Sight of London

56 x 33 cm – £ 1,200

Big ben is written in Arabic calligraphy. This is from a famous Arabic poem
by Nizar Qabbani, in the British countryside. The words I used translate to:
London … is very cold …
So open the umbrellas of companionate
London is very harsh
And I am very scared
So bring back the feeling of safety
Try to be like a mother to me … as you are my loved one
It’s been a long time … since I’ve laid my head on an affectionate bosom
It’s been a long time
London is my love … and in its parks I sang the most beautiful songs
London is my glory
London is the capital of the heart
I am a part of the grey colour
Ever since I came to London as a lover
London … takes me into its arm like a baby
London has taught me how to fall in love in every language”

I wanted to merge the art in this piece, as I felt it is my new home, and I wanted to express my gratitude and belonging to this country in my own way. This art piece is also a feature of the mix of religions, the Islamic art, which is represented here by Arabic calligraphy, with western culture as represented with fine minimal lines. I wanted to make it into a piece of art that represents me as a person, with my Arabic background and culture and now fitting into a new country.

All art pieces are made from reclaimed wood signifying rebirth and the possibility for hope in the future. The wood used in this piece was retrieved from the remaining parts of a discarded wardrobe in the UK.

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